A procedure in which medicated oil is continuously poured over the forehead and then allowing to flow over the scalp. Relieves stress and strain, reduces chronic headache, insomnia etc.
Duration: 45 minutes         

Kizhi(Bundle massage)

It is prepared with medicated herbal leaves, lemon, medicatedposers etc. It is classical therapy in Ayurveda for cervical and lumbar spondylosis, I.V.D.P(Disc prolapse) sciatica, sports injury, tennis elbow and joint dislocation.
Duration: 60 minutes         

Rejuvenation Massage

Included head, face and body massage which is an attractive therapy, enhances body complexion for bth men and women.
Duration: 45 minutes         

Udhwarthanam(Powder massage)

A typical massage with herbal powder. This is considered very well in reducing over weight(obesity) and controlling cholestrol level. It also strengthens muscles and tightens loose skin.
Duration: 60 minutes         


An effective process for paralysis, neuro muscular lesions, joint stiffness and low back disorders, prevent premature ageing also.
Duration: 60 minutes         

Takra Dhara

The procedure is same of Shirodhara in which butter milk is used instead of oil. It is advised for Psoriasis dermatitis and anxiety neurosis.
Duration: 60 minutes         

Njavara Kizhi

Which is strongly fighting against wasting of muscles due to neuro muscular disorders. It may also enhances body complexion in women.
Duration: 60 minutes         


It is the permanent solution to all the major neuro muscular and skeltal disorders of back area and lower extremities. It is not advisable in patients with hemorrhoids and fissure in ano.
Duration: 60 minutes         


Nasal application of medicated oils generally reduces pain, tenderness, inflamatory conditions of head and neck. Very effective in accute sinusitis.
Duration: 30 minutes         

Rejuvenation Therapy

Provide complete rejuvenation of your body from head to toe with traditional Ayurvedic treatment with special oils. Includes head massage, face massage,full body massage.
Duration: 45 minutes         


A procedure in which medicated oil is allowed to stay over the head for a prescribed time. It is good for insomnia, stress and strain and also in acute and chronic neurological disorders.
Duration: 45 minutes         

Head, Face and Shoulder Massage

Intensly relaxing and revitalizing massage. Improve blood circulation, good sleep and lymph drainage useful in cervival spondylosis, frozen shoulder etc.
Duration: 35 minutes         

Ayurveda facepack

Very special face massage using herbal face pack produced with specially made herbal powder, fresh fruits and creams. Wrinkles, black heads, sun tan, cellulite etc. destroy the natural beauty of the skin.
Duration: 30 minutes         


Agnikarma is an ancient medical technique derived from Indian system of medicine. The technique of Agnikarma has been designed to release various muscular and joint disorders.

Rejuvenation Massage, Steam bath

Bundle massage
Ayurveda face pack
Duration: 150 minutes         

Rejuvenation programme 5 days

Rejuvenation massage 5
Steam bath 1
Bundle massage 3
Shirodhara 3
Ayurveda face pack 2
Body pack 1
Pizhichil 1

Duration: 2.30 hrs/daily         

Stress management programme 3 days

Rejuvenation massage 3
Nasyam 3
Shirodhara 3

Duration: 2.30 hrs/daily         

Rejuvenation programme 3 days

Rejuvenation massage 3
Bundle massage 3
Shirodhara 3

Duration: 2.30 hrs/daily         

Rejuvenation Programme 7 days

Rejuvenation massage 7
Steam bath 1
Bundle massage 4
Ayurveda face pack 4
Pizhichil 4

Duration: 3 hrs/daily         

Ayurvedic detoxification & joint pain relief programme

Massage & steam bath
Body pack
Agni karma

Duration: 3 hrs         

Rejuvenation programme 14 days

Rejuvenation massage 14
Steam bath 4
Bundle massage 9
Shirodhara 7
Shirovasthi 1
Ayurveda face pack 3
Pizhichil 5

Duration: 2.30 hrs/daily         

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